dwi golden electric




The logo already show the meaning of this company. The electricity can be look in every element at the logo. Symbol of DG font stand for Dwi Golden designed with ambigram concept which also can be seen as DG when the logo is upside down. Black and golden colors are a perfect combination which also has electric impression. The crown on top of logo represent that this company is a king of electric. Overall design looks so luxurious and also elegant in unique way.

Meaning &


Black color represent a power, strength, authority and also elegance. All those impression are really suitable with the company vision. The composition of black color does not dominate the entire logo which is good in the design Golden color represent a courage, prestige, and also color of success. Optimistic that came from this color let people to think positively. Gold also fit with crown illustration because this color is ideal for a luxurious shape. Both black and gold colors have same portion in the logo and complete each other.

Dwi Golden Electric